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Mentoring:  Do you know everything you need to know to further your business and your career?  Do your employees know everything they need to know to contribute productively to your business and further their careers?

            If no, we can:

  • Assess opportunities and needs to spread and deepen organizational knowledge for employees and leaders
  • Consult to structure a mentoring program that works for your unique organization
  • Train mentors in mentoring skills


"Susan facilitated a two-day mentoring workshop with a 1/2 day follow-up for mentors and mentees in our organization. The goal was to understand mentor roles, recognize different learning styles and practice feedback. Susan met with senior management to develop the mentoring training we were interested in bringing to our organization. Her superior listening skills paid off because she structured the training exactly as we described. Susan's teaching approach put all participants at ease. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and experience with mentoring, and her friendly approach created a very positive and productive training session. Susan employed different teaching techniques and easily involved all participants in helpful scenario role plays and provided opportunities for students to express their thoughts. Susan provided timely feedback from the training session. She provided documents from all of the Q&A's during the training, transcribed all the flipcharts, and made recommendations for our mentoring program. Six weeks after the initial training session, Susan prepared a 1/2 day follow-up session which was a nice ending to the training and also a bridge to a stronger mentoring program. Thanks to Susan's expertise and shared lessons learned, our mentoring program has been taken to another level. We are looking forward to working with Susan on upcoming projects."
Employee Development Division Head, Department of Navy


"Our mentor workshops continue to be in high demand by our customers. This is due to the rave reviews the program received from past attendees. Many of the attendees credited the effectiveness of the program to the excellent program facilitation/leadership provided by Susan. Susan also did such a great job at training our own resources to deliver this program that its excellent reputation continues."

Assistant Vice President of Training, Insurance Company


"I received great feedback with the program itself and how useful it is having a plan in place In addition, the most important piece is the learning that came from the delivery of this and my team agreed this is invaluable. 

Manager of Training, Insurance Company


"The managers said the training was helpful, and you were very knowledgeable.  The materials were thorough, clear, easy to follow and useful.  The workshop was useful much more broadly than just to the mentor program.  The process will be of great value."

Senior Training and Organizational Development Specialist, Hospital



Along with our service, you’ll receive:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Facilitation
  • Training
  • Follow Up

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