Leading Innovative Organizations

Entrepreneurship and innovation are not just for start-ups. There are wonderful examples of long-established and successful businesses that stay on the leading edge of their fields through working in new ways. 

I am fortunate to know a diverse range of these businesses that are local to Portland, Maine. We have a history in Maine of being independent and figuring out things for ourselves. These businesses I know share those characteristics. They establish environments to encourage their managers and employees to think and work in new ways. Even though the specifics are very different among these businesses, they all:
  • Continuously communicate the values and goals of the organization
  • Pay attention to people's individual aspirations, goals and successes
  • Establish mentoring relationships 
  • Challenge people to take risks
  • Reward innovative, entrepreneurial contributions
This section shares stories and videos of such businesses. My goal is to help business owners and managers apply these principles to their own unique settings.

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