Developing Teams

Five Fundamentals for High Performing Teams.

Strong individuals, wholeheartedly collaborating with each other, create strong teams.
They are confident in each member's contributions, and their collective potential is limitless.

Each team member:
1. Listens and shares perspectives freely. Differences are prized.
2. Mentors and is mentored. Everyone has something to teach and something to learn.
3. Gives and seeks feedback. Evaluation and measurement are continuous.
4. Takes risks and resolves conflicts. Communication is fearless.
5. Builds communities with stakeholders and other teams. Broad connections stimulate new thinking.

It can be rough and bumpy getting to this high performing state. But if members stay committed to these fundamentals, and exercise patience with themselves and each other, they will get there.

What are your experiences in being part of teams striving for high performance? Please leave comments; I'm interested to know your thoughts.

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